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Melting an EU4 Ironman Save into a Normal Save

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Click here to convert (melt) an ironman save to a normal save

I’m pleased to announce that Rakaly can now convert ironman saves to normal saves.

location of the new ironman to normal save button

location of the new ironman to normal save button

There’s been a long history of converting EU4 ironman saves to their normal counterparts. Wanting plaintext saves allows one to use the EU4 to Victoria 2 save converter, console commands, and allows easier access for one to go spelunking through the save file as it can be opened in any text editor. Rakaly now provides its own take on this conversion.

For those not familiar with EU4 save games, there are 3 types of saves:

In another post, we’ll document the binary format, but in the meantime, the post by another tool covers about 90% of the format and provides a great jumping off point.

Prior Art

Rakaly is far from the first attempt at converting (or more poetically, melting) an ironman save to the normal format. Here are all that I’m aware of:

EU4 tools such as Skanderbeg and the EU4 to Victoria 2 converter (as of this writing) use or recommend paperman for preprocessing.

Why Another Implementation?

Rakaly’s bread and butter is detecting achievements in EU4 ironman saves. This necessitates Rakaly either natively understanding the binary format or have a preprocessing stage with paperman. Since preprocessing could cause an intolerable delay before seeing the results, it was decided from the outset that natively understanding would yield the best performance and accuracy.

Here’s the criteria I used when writing a melter that none of the others satisfied:

After a bit of work, I’ve arrived at an ironman melter that I’m happy with. The conversion is done in the browser, it’s fast, and doesn’t require an account. The best part is that I have not identified any gaps and saves I’ve tried it on have loaded into EU4 perfectly (as far as I can tell). Also future patches should have support day 1.

What Now?

Rakaly is the newest kid on the block. It’s cool (to me at least), and while I’ve done some testing there may still be a bug or two, so I’d appreciate those who test and provide feedback!

Feel free to get in contact via Discord or hi [(at)]