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What is PDX Tools?

PDX Tools is a modern EU4 save file analyzer that allows users to view maps, graphs, and data tables of their save all within the browser. Saves can also be uploaded and shared. Saves that complete achievements are eligible to compete in achievement speedrun leaderboards that are adjusted whenever a new patch comes out.

Check out the available guides to get a taste of the immense amount of features available.

If you are a developer, API docs are available too.


Not only is PDX Tools open source, but the docs are an easy place to get started with contributing.

Every page should have an "Edit this page" link that looks like -> Edit this page

Click the button and you'll be launched within a text editor to make quick and easy changes.

So if you see a typo, grammar issue, or inaccuracy, it would be much appreciated if it was fixed! Additional guides, blog posts, and other content can be contributed too.