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Save files contain a treasure trove of information. PDX Tools is a modern save file analyzer that will unlock hidden EU4 insights without the save leaving your browser.

Ready to explore maps, timelapses, and charts?

Interactive Map

Pan, zoom, and select provinces, as if EU4 was played within Google Maps

PDX Tools map of a save file


Breakdown a country's mana expense and budget or view the historical ledger

Visualizations of a save that PDX Tools provides


Uncover data not easily exposed in-game

Screenshot showing map and graph


Relive your campaign by creating and watching detailed timelapses

Questions? Answered.

PDX Tools can help you answer these EU4 questions

Could a royal marriage cause a PU or inheritance?

How much mana was spent developing provinces?

How much more dev is needed for religious rebels to change the state religion?

How fast did the reformation spread?

What one time advisor events remain?

What is the reign weighted running average of monarch power?

How much more dev is needed to culture shift?

What wars were wars of attrition?

What heirs failed to take the throne?

What are the most popular idea groups?

BYOB (Bring your own browser)

No account needed, no downloads, no installs. All analysis takes place within the browser with unparalleled speed

Saves can be uploaded to be shared with others or as a backup

Uploaded saves receive enhancements automatically as PDX Tools is updated

Recommended: Chrome (88+), Edge (88+).
Supported: Firefox (89+), Safari (15.2+).

Melting Support

PDX Tools can convert (aka melt) ironman and binary saves into normal saves so that one can easily inspect the raw contents

As a bonus the newly converted save can be continued in game as if it was a normal save all along

Screenshot of EU4 showing a melted save being loaded

Fresh Competition

An advanced achievement engine uses the game's logic to check if a save has completed one of the supported achievements

Uploaded saves are tagged with completed achievements to generate a leaderboard of who speed ran a certain achievement the quickest

The leaderboard is kept evergreen by enacting a small tax to saves on previous patches, just enough to keep the leaderboard fresh while allowing exceptional runs to bask in glory forever

Screenshot of the PDX Tools leaderboard for an achievement

More Games!

The following games can be loaded:

  • Europa Univeralis IV (1.29+)
  • Hearts of Iron IV (1.0+)
  • Crusader Kings III (1.0+)
  • Victoria 3 (1.0+)
  • Imperator: Rome (1.0+)


PDX Tools is powered by community use and feedback

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